Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GLBT Week at Vulpes: halfway through ...

We're now halfway through GLBT Week at Vulpes Libris and I hope everyone's enjoying it. I certainly am! So far we've had a look at: Sarah Waters' Fingersmiththe love affair between Sylvia Townsend Warner and Valentine Ackland; and a rollercoaster ride through gay teen fiction. It's all go, my dears, and there's still so much more to look forward to!

I'm also pleased to say that Amber Quill Press have accepted my (straight) erotic short story, The Boilerman and The Bride, for publication on 4 July - and a special thank you to Ruth at work for the title. But, trust me, the story behind her boilerman and bride is entirely different and very proper. Honest! I'm also at the 40,000 word marker in The Executioner's Cane, so about one-third through, which is nice. Heck, there's almost hope there. Almost ...

This week's meditation poems have so far been:

Meditation 352

If in doubt
send for a clever woman:

they’re much better
at fooling a man

into doing the right thing
than a thousand messages

from God
would ever be.

Meditation 353

Never trust a man
with beautiful hair

and don’t respond
to a neighbour

who burns your fields
to get your attention:

it’ll all end in tears.

Meditation 354

His promise
becomes a betrayal

and kisses
are nothing but scars

in the making
while it’s best not to mention

his deceitful web
of words

drifting through the air
to catch you.

Meanwhile rejections this week: 1
Under serious consideration: 1

Anne Brooke
The Prayer Seeker's Journal

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