Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reviews, ratings and reflexology

Writing News:

Am pleased to say that Give and Take has a new review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews, so thanks for reading, Kassa - much appreciated!

At the same time, The Hit List gained a 4 star rating at Goodreads, so that's very heartening too. Which is good as I must admit I've been feeling rather hopeless this week - the post-Easter droop, I fear. Ah well. Other good news is that Amber Allure Press have accepted my gay space travel story, Tuluscan Six and the Time Circle, and will be publishing it on 18 July, hurrah! Maybe it's time to stop drooping around like a sick puppy then ...

And I've finally (finally!) cancelled my subscription to the increasingly dreadful Mslexia Magazine - it's so terribly 70s and pretentious pseudo-feminist, not to mention headmistressy, these days that I couldn't even bear to take the last issue out of its wrapper before disposing of it. However no more copies will arrive now so I feel truly liberated. Perhaps time to burn my bra then. Yikes.

Life News:

Am rather stressed out with church at the moment - Lord H and I appear to have to do the coffee rota this Sunday and it's the family service, and I absolutely hate the family service, but don't feel there's enough time to get someone else. In our defence, it wasn't the FS when we signed up - the pesky religious powers have changed the damn thing! The woman running the service also rang us up and it appears to be chock-full of children, sigh, so am dreading the whole thing already. If I don't feel strong enough to have to pretend to be normal once more, I might just send Lord H into the lion's den, and pray a lot, ho ho ... I feel an attack of the vapours coming on.

Anyway, I've had a lovely reflexology session today and I feel slightly more balanced (hurrah!). Plus I've had lunch and a pleasant afternoon's shopping with Robin & Liz, so feel like a more integrated member of society. Hmm, I'll have one delivered then ... And, thanks to the true shopping genius of Robin, I have a new handbag and purse, 4 new tee-shirts and a lovely present for Liz's upcoming 60th birthday (so here's hoping she's not going to be reading this). I am indeed - with the right support - a genius.

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Jason Shaw said...

Ohh I say, well done on good reviews. I've got a two dollar note in my wallet ! Sorry random fact from the back of my brain. But, actually it's only half a note, it was torn in half. Don;t seem many 2 dollar notes around!

Oh you poor sausage, Family Service, Coffee, Kids, sounds rather crushing and horrible to me! So good luck with that, really GOOD LUCK!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jason! Any dollar bill is good to my mind! And I'm taking lots of calming pills for Sunday - let's hope it works!!!



StuckInABook said...

Hello Anne - making a return visit, to say how nice it was to meet you - wasn't the event fun? I have sent an email to the foxes now, about the UK Book Bloggers Meet Up (Saturday 8th May, 5.30pm, The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit St) but thought it might get lost there, and this way you can pass on the news... would be good to know if any/how many of you can make it! All the best -- Simon

Anne Brooke said...

Hello, Simon! Yes, it was great fun - I really enjoyed it :)) Will go and pass the Blogger event news on to the Foxes right now - thanks so much for the reminder. Hugs & stuff Axxx