Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Minutes, Chinese opera and sales of Thorn

Had to suffer the slings and arrows of a short story rejection today (groan) but at least once again the particular magazine asked to see more work, so that’s a sop to the wound at least … Best get the story out again to somewhere else soon. You never know your luck.

At work I’ve been knee-deep in sorting out agendas and minutes for the boss, plus the unending delights of the Personal Tutors’ Handbook changes so that’s been satisfying in a sad secretarial way. I do so love the power that comes from being the only one who can remove the lines in a table format without pain. Ah, I knew I had a purpose in life somewhere …

And, talking of purpose (of a sort), here’s this morning’s meditation:

Meditation 52

You find your fellowship
in blood

and the sweet aroma
of death.

Take note
of the fig tree’s

the way

broad leaves
reflect the sun

and how it shields
your barren heart.

This lunchtime, I was supposed to be meeting Fiona in the English Department to sort out the admin for the upcoming novel reading by Emma Darwin at the University, but unfortunately Fiona’s too busy so we’ll have to reschedule at some point. It had better be soon though as the event itself is on 10 February. That’s only a couple of minutes in University time. So instead I walked round the campus and also admired the new exhibition which focuses on Chinese Opera – some wonderfully delicate work and amazing colours. I loved it.

Leaping from the sublime to the ridiculous (at least in novel terms), I’ve managed to sell five copies of Thorn in the Flesh today as Sue wants them for her reading group in March. Sales are always a boost, so thank you, Sue!

In terms of other writing, I’m working on another ghost story at the moment – goodness me, two in 20 years. I really must slow down – I don’t want to get too excited. Anyway, the working title is Girl Undecided, which I like, but I’ll see how it pans out as the story progresses. It’s more subtle than my previous ghost story as well – again unusual for me as Essex Girls don’t usually do subtle. In any form. It’s not in our genes.

Tonight, I’ll pop in and see how Gladys and her birdseed supplies are getting on, and then it’s an evening of nothing, hurrah. Though there is the drunken Oz & James programme on, which is always very cheery. I can do the ironing while I watch it – ah the winter evenings here in the shires fly by, you know …

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Selling five copies of Thorn
3. Chinese opera exhibition
4. Ghost stories
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Jackie Luben said...

Well done on being taken up by a reading group and the five sales of Thorn.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie!