Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Not going out ...

First off, here’s this morning’s meditation poem:

Meditation 16

For a man
so much in love with life

he talks a great deal
about death.

Almost as if
it’s the most important thing

of all.

I was planning to go out to London tonight to see the old University girls, but other meetings have come up for us and in any case we’ve decided the weather is too unkind so we’ve postponed it till later this month. Which suits me fine, I have to admit, as London was the last place I wanted to drag myself up to this evening. I am becoming a veritable Couch Potato: at last! – a career that suits me, hurrah.

At work, I am rushing around trying to tidy up loose ends before going on holiday. Plus I might even get that personal tutors’ handbook printed out today. First draft anyway. You never know. Managed to get out at lunchtime for a walk around campus and I also popped into the art gallery. There’s something about gazing at art that’s so incredibly humanising. Not to mention relaxing. As if you’re using colour and paint to get in touch with yourself. Much the same effect as words and drama then. Hmm, I’m waxing very philosophical for the mid-week zone indeed … should I be taking some more tablets to counteract the effect?

Halfway round my walk, I decided to sit by the lake for a while and was instantly surrounded by a battalion of very focused ducks determined to prove I was in possession of something edible. Sadly I was not, but I’ve managed to salvage something from the rout. And at least they left me my clothes …

I’m also trying to get my next physio session booked for tomorrow afternoon – as I was too late last night for their office to be open and they only have my home number. I’ve tried ringing but they’re always engaged, so have resorted to the wonders of email. I live in hope!... UPDATE – I managed it, so have that scheduled in for tomorrow, which is rapidly becoming the potentially busiest day of my week, dammit.

Tonight, I shall be glued to It Takes Two, and then there’s The Devil’s Whore and the glorious Outnumbered. Must also attempt to finish off the ironing– I’ll get to the bottom of that ironing basket if it kills me, you know …

Today’s nice things:

1. Not going out
2. Poetry
3. Thinking about art. And stuff.
4. Mad ducks
5. TV.

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