Friday, August 08, 2008

Golf, hair and holidays

Last day before our holiday today, hurrah! So I'd really better go and pack soon. For those of you keen on Norfolk, we'll be staying here for a few days. Shame it won't be that sunny though - indeed I'm packing for torrential rain. I fear lots of wet birdwatching days ahead - but what the hell, eh, it's a holiday and ye gods but I need the break. If only I can have five minutes of time and sunshine to sit in that glorious looking courtyard, then I will feel fulfilled.

Have had a good morning's golf today - my putting was shit-hot and I was getting the balls in when really I shouldn't have been. As it were. I was particularly proud of my long putt on the ninth which rattled in as if it was always meant to be and gave me a par. Ha! It makes it all worthwhile, you know.

Back home, the letter from the specialist has come, confirming what I already know, and asking my own doctor to refer me to the Royal Surrey. However, I was rather brightened by the fact that she doesn't think my non-standard cyst is likely to be "of any sinister pathology" (a turn of phrase I can only admire), so it will be interesting to see what they do think the bugger is. Once they've had a chance to have a good look at it of course. My bet is on my old school tie still. But at least it looks more hopeful now, thank the Lord. Talking of which, here's a poem I wrote yesterday when I was staring in the mirror and wondering which toothpaste to use, and which is very tongue-in-cheek - honest!

The cautious optimism of teeth

The medical profession
might be frowning
over the state
of my ovaries

but I continue to floss,
that at the very least
I’ll die smiling.

In preparation for my holiday, I've also had a haircut and now look utterly amazing - Lynda is such a genius really. Shame it'll all fall apart when I wash my own hair tomorrow - as ever. For now I am attempting to keep my head as still as possible so Lord H can be wowed by the state of his wife when he comes home. As always, of course.

I have also been regretting the fact that I haven't been taking my Vitamin B depression pills - I must remember that just because I'm feeling okay doesn't mean to say I shouldn't take them! Why don't I ever learn that?? Groan. Anyway, I was cast into a fit of weeping this afternoon when I realised that the shit-hot short story that I think is one of the best and most literary I've ever written got precisely nowhere in a competition I just found out about today. Yes, yes, I know - this is normal and I shouldn't be making a song and dance about it, but quite honestly I felt truly gutted. Sometimes it feels as if you try and try sooooo bloody hard, you edit until your hair falls out, and you can't make what you've written any better - and still it's not bloody good enough. Really, writing can be the most soul-destroying job in the world sometimes. It's the only thing that can make you feel a complete failure within seconds. No matter how good past stuff has been. Sigh. Anyway, I managed to drag myself to the kitchen and take a Vitamin B pill, plus a De-Stress pill. Plus the last slice of chocolate orange cake. The combination seems to have helped a little, thank God ... But I'm still feeling fragile. A situation not helped by the fact that I think I'm coming down with another cold, bugger it. So I've taken a couple of Echinacea pills too. Hell, shake me and I'll rattle.

In the midst of all that, I've flung myself, gibbering like a loon, into Simon and Annyeke's story and now have c22,500 words of Hallsfoot's Battle under my belt. And that's where it'll stand for now, I think. Because I really do need to go and pack. And have some kind of a normal bloody life, ho ho.

And finally, the very enthusiastic and also delightful people at the Completely Novel website are celebrating their launch in October with a short story competition. Though, bearing in mind my last experience with short stories, I suspect I'll be happier if I don't enter. I have enough on my plate really. But still, it could be worth a look!

So, I hope you all have a lovely week and I'll catch up with you when I'm back on Friday!

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. Haircut
3. Writing
4. Holiday.

Anne Brooke
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Nik Perring said...

Hurrah on the nedical news. That's a relief!

Who are those short story people? They could be mistaken for spammers given the amount of comments they've been leaving people's blogs.

Oh and wishing you a splendid holiday!


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Nik!

And I know - I have said it's not a wise marketing move, but the people themselves (I've met Anna at the AWC) are very sweet - I hope it works out for them. Sorry on her behalf for the spamming - hope they stop it soon, seeing as it's not very professional ...



Nik Perring said...

No it isn't very professional, is it? To be honest I wouldn't have clicked their link (and haven't) for fear that it was either a waste of time or a a quick way of getting a virus. I might have a look in light of what you've said. Tell you what, just shows what a bad idea that kind of marketing can be, doesn't it?

Anyway... do have a good hol. Only been to Norfolk once, but loved it.

Nik x

Nik Perring said...

AND they got my name wrong on the message they left me on my blog. Tsk. ;)

Anne Brooke said...

Very true!

And only once in Norfolk? Shame on you!! It's the end of the known universe, you know ...



Anne Brooke said...

Shocking! I'll tell Anna now - honestly!!!


Nik Perring said...

He he! I'd love to go again actually. Bit jealous to be honest.

And, of course, 'nedical' isn't a word. You know what I meant.

N x

Jilly said...

Maloney's Law arrived safely - thank you for the nice comment. Your specialist's letter sounds reassuring. Enjoy your holiday. Hugs

Anne Brooke said...

Actually, I think nedical is a great work, Nik - I will always use it from now on!

And thanks for letting me know about Maloney, Jill - hope you enjoy the read!

Love & hugs


Nik Perring said...

It is a good word, innit.

Nedical Kelly anyone? ;)

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee!



litlove said...

Well this is a hugely encouraging post - so glad that the medical news is looking up. I am really sorry about the story, however, because it always sucks to get turned down. Remember, they know nothing, nothing.

In other news, I'm visiting my parents this weekend and just had to let you know that my mother's brother, Graham Coe, did some work for your father. My Uncle Graham worked for Ernie Smith for a while and they tarmac(k?)ed some driveways for your dad at the farm. This would have been the early 1970s. He remembered him very well. My mother was brought up at The Compasses, but when it was a barbers, not a bookshop. She thinks she must have married just as you came into the village, because she remembers the farm but not your family. Although she recalls other Brookes (one set living behind Hewitt Hall - this is clearly in code for Dedham folk). Thought I would pass that on!

Have a really wonderful holiday - if anyone deserves some rest and relaxation, you do!

Litlove xx

Eli Regan said...

absolutely loved the poem- dark whimsical lovely, little thing.

Jackie Luben said...

Good to hear that the tests have not revealed anything too nasty in the woodshed, Anne.

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Eli & Jackie! And how weird, LL! I will have to ask Mother and get the low-down! Hewitt Hall sounds frightfully posh - that side of the family probably didn't acknowledge us then!! Truly, it's a small world ...