Saturday, April 07, 2007

Birds and antiques

Not feeling very well today, I have to say. Seems to be the same, strange sub-flu-ey thing I had a month or so ago. Aches, a deep weariness and something that's not quite a full-blown cold, which comes in waves. Still, at least it's familiar. Or maybe it's the onset of the menopause, and I should expect sweaty nights and long periods of fancying younger men (cue Lord H's cry: how will I tell the difference then?...)? The plot thickens.

Anyway, due to the above we decided to skip going to Blenheim Palace today (which had been our original Easter Saturday plan) - which actually we really have to go to sometime as the last time we were there over thirteen years ago was the last day of our honeymoon and we weren't speaking, which made for an interesting tour. And no, neither of us can remember what the hell that was about - can you ever?!? So, instead, we popped into Birdworld near Farnham and admired pink one-legged flamingoes, hairy emus (which looked like thatched roofs on legs), cute new-born ducks and chicks, and fluffy rabbits. So our Easter duties are thereby fulfilled.

We then decided to pay a brief visit to a local antiques place to continue our five-year hunt for a pair of bedside cabinets (result: failure once more, but we're so used to that by now that if we ever do find something we both like, we won't know what to do about it ...) and have lunch. Which also failed due to the gifted ability of the waitress to completely ignore us, though she did keep apologising for her slowness. After about fifteen minutes of this, we gave up and went home for soup. And Lord H also made an impromptu banana split, so that cheered us both up.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon collapsed in a heap on the sofa (well, dahlings, birds and not getting lunch is soooo exhausting ...), only just surfacing in time for pizza, pink fizz and Dr Who. Which was marvellous - lots of fun with Shakespeare and would-be witches. Bliss.

Tonight, I might watch some of the golf, but I'm planning an early night laced with as much Lemsip as I can carry. And I have absolutely no energy for any writing. Simon, I think, will need more of my guts than I can currently offer for his remaining scenes. Still, he's used to waiting by now.

Today's nice things:

1. Baby birds at Birdworld
2. Napping
3. Dr Who.

Anne Brooke

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