Monday, April 03, 2006

"A Dangerous Man" gets a Publisher

I'm in the proverbial seventh heaven tonight! Flame Books ( want to publish "A Dangerous Man", probably sometime over the summer, and are sending me a contract by email to sort out before my Belfast weekend trip. At last! - Michael, bless him, gets a home. He - and I - are certainly pleased. Also my agent ( is happy, so everyone's smiling. Joy indeed - takes my mind off the end stages of this rotten cold for sure. I think, to be honest, I'm still in a state of shock. I'm not really taking it in.

The rest of the day slipped by, in the light of this new discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed my first work reflexology session - much gentler than other sessions I've had elsewhere, so I've paid for a set of six over the coming weeks. I felt very calm and energised (if one can be both at the same time) after it.

Finished James Hamilton-Paterson's "Loving Monsters" yesterday. A wonderful and eccentric book. I couldn't really put it down - and it has one of the most gripping and sustained endings I've ever read. I was transported somewhere else and reluctant to leave. A classy book indeed, and perhaps even a classic one.

And, hey, I have a publisher!

Anne Brooke

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